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CAT activity was higher in the livers of the AIN 93 fed animals than in the commercial diet fed animals.

The accumulation of body fat resulting from increased carbohydrate intake occurs due to the fact that excess carbohydrates, when not used by the organism, are initially degraded into pyruvate and then attached to coenzyme A CoA to become acetyl-CoA.

This can be done by using either L-cystine or L-methionine. Walford, R. However, a diet with high starch will not pellet properly; therefore, a more water-soluble carbohydrate source must be substituted for a portion of the cornstarch.

The fourth revised edition of the NRC Nutrient Requirements of Laboratory Animals NRC recommends an increase in the dietary concentration of many of the essential amino acids, including the sulfur amino acids.

High dietary concentrations of sucrose, the carbohydrate source for the AINA diet, can cause several complications in rodents.

Recent ev- prepared for histopathologic examination. Neter, J. Lewis, unpublished data. In individuals with insulin resistance, the situation is aggravated by increased circulating insulin levels, which stimulate the synthesis of triglycerides and increases the secretion of VLDL cholesterol, contributing to a greater accumulation of fat in the liver [ 12 ].

For instance, in the livers of the animals fed with AIN 93 there was less accumulation of H2O2, when compared to the animals on the commercial diet, indicating that vitamin E may be interfering in ROS levels during normal cell metabolism.

Dietary restriction, caloric value and the accumulation of hepatic fat

To meet the requirements for sulfur amino acids in the AIN diets, the use of L-cystine is recommended. An initial blood sample was obtained through a small cut at the end of the animal's tail. Similar results were reported in a study with rats fed with diets supplemented with vitamin E and a control diet [ 25 ].

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However, when subjected to dietary restriction, the effect of the diet on weight gain was inhibited. An AL consumption Comparison of estimated energy metabolized by male regimen employing pelleted NIH cereal-based diet was used for all rats from weaning through 6 wk of age when they were assigned to the Sprague-Dawley rats fed the AINM or NIH diets experimental protocol.

GSH-Px, in a similar manner to CAT, exhibited an increased activity trend in the livers of AIN fed animals when compared to the commercial fed animals, but such an increase was not statistically significant.

Food efficiency was calculated to evaluate the animal's ability to convert consumed food energy into body weight. Vitamin E is an important fat-soluble antioxidant in the body and operates with some of the antioxidant enzymes tested in this study, such as superoxide dismutase SODcatalase CAT and glutathione peroxidase GSH-Pxto protect cells from attack by ROS [ 23 ].

Shah, B. At the end of the experiment, all animals were anaesthetised with CO2 prior to being euthanised by decapitation.

The antioxidant response of the liver of male Swiss mice raised on a AIN 93 or commercial diet

Serum albumin and total serum proteins were determined to assess the animals' nutritional statuses [ 23 — 25 ]. Food Chem. Thomas, Springfield, IL. Implica- The AL rats continued to grow at a slow, but slightly increasing rate until 97 wk of age Brain, g 58 2.

Efforts should be Gerontol.AIN based diet, although both glucose utilization and insulin responsiveness appeared to be enhanced [2]. More recently, two studies reported elevated serum glu-Cited by: 2. in combination in mice using cellulose-based AING diets under conditions allowed for the growth of commensal bacteria.

Continuous consumption of Bb12 and/or inulin did not affect food intake or. · Aim. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to assess the effects of two non-isocaloric diets (commercial Purina ® and AINM), which are considered standard diets, on the accumulation of fat in the liver of rats when offered ad libitum or in a restricted elbfrollein.com by: Effect of the AINM purified diet and dietary restriction on survival in Sprague-Dawley rats: implications for chronic studies.

in improving the AINA standard diet. AINM was structured to provide nutrients in concentrations AINM was structured to provide nutrients in concentrations required just to maintain adult rat or mouse populations, hence the “M” designation.

For sixteen years, the American institute of Nutrition Rodent Diets, AIN and AINA, have been used extensively around the world. Because of numerous nutritional and technical problems encountered with the diet during this period, it was revised.

Effect diet ain 93 pdf
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